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Pop-Up Restaurants to Try Around Long Beach

Shannon Jones

Shannon Jones has been selling real estate since 1998 and specializes in listing and marketing homes...

Shannon Jones has been selling real estate since 1998 and specializes in listing and marketing homes...

Feb 13 5 minutes read

Do you feel like you’re always going to the same spots for dinner on a Friday night or brunch on Sunday morning? Well, not to fear, here are some unique pop-up restaurants that can help you break up your Long Beach culinary routine and try a little something different.

The Wild Chive

This vegan brunch spot is a local favorite even for people who are not vegan. You can find chef Soozie serving up her famous dishes every Sunday at the Marina Farmers Market (6602 E. Marina Drive) from 9 AM - 2 PM. Soozie has been a vegetarian since she was 19 but missed some of the staples that her mother used to make her when she was growing up in Texas. Since then she has dedicated her life to the culinary arts, living in New York for several years, and now calls Long Beach home. Some of the favorite dishes on her menu include the Monte Cristo, Buttery “BLT” Grilled Cheese Sammie, and the Big Cheez Signature Mac & Cheez.

Rice & Shine

Some of the locations that Rice & Shine has been hosting their pop-up restaurants include warehouses, parks, rooftops, and other restaurants who are willing to host them. They have been in the pop-up game since 2014 and they continue the tradition by hosting prix fixe advanced booking meals in a Downtown Long Beach studio they call “Rice and Shine HQ.” They specialize in Filipino American cooking, and you can book a spot for either their Rice & Shine Brunch Club (an eight-course meal) or Kamayan Feast on their website here. 

Plant Alchemy

The best way to find out where Plant Alchemy will be popping up next is to follow them on their Instagram, but they have been spotted a few times at the Long Beach Marina Farmer’s Market. And follow closely, because everyone who tries their food falls immediately in love with it. This is another vegan/plant-based restaurant where everything is made from scratch from only high-quality ingredients. Plant Alchemy is most famous for their plant-based cheese and proteins, along with favorites like mac and cheese, breakfast sandwiches, tacos, and pizza.  

Pucker Up Lemonade Company

Quench your thirst with some delicious, handcrafted, uniquely-flavored lemonade, infused water, and iced tea. They have snacks too! You can visit them at their shop, and the “pop-up” part comes in when they go out and travel to different festivals and events and bring their lemonade stand with them! Pucker Up provides beverage stations, lemonade stands, dessert tables, candy tables, grazing tables (charcuterie), and lemonade fundraisers. Definitely consider inviting them to your next event for a unique and refreshing treat for your guests of all ages! 

The Blue Light Speak Cheesy

Keep an eye out for their pop-up brunch being offered at Lord and Windsor in Long Beach on Sundays from 10 AM - 3 PM started in February 2019. This restaurant originally became famous for their grilled cheese sandwiches, and there’s nothing wrong with that! They put a fun gourmet twist on all of their sandwiches and give them clever pop-culture names like Freaks and Geeks and Philly Senga. For brunch options, you can look forward to plenty of egg dishes, fancy toast, breakfast tacos, and for Long Beach only (lucky us!), the pancake of the week.

Kitchen 1726

Chef Kryssie was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to Orange County when she was 15. Now, through her pop-up events and catering, she incorporates her Phillipeno heritage into her cooking with a modern twist. Each event that they put on has a theme and the menu is constantly evolving. Chef Kryssie brings a fresh approach through the use of modern techniques and locally sourced ingredients. Follow her on Instagram to see where she is popping up next, or contact her to cater a private event in your home. 

We all have our favorite brick-and-mortar restaurants in Long Beach but it’s important to get out there and try some of these tempting pop-up restaurants when you have the chance too. Many of them have goals of opening more permanent locations, so it means a lot when they see the community get out and support their pop-ups. 

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