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Apps You Should be Using for Your Home

Shannon Jones

Shannon Jones has been selling real estate since 1998 and specializes in listing and marketing homes...

Shannon Jones has been selling real estate since 1998 and specializes in listing and marketing homes...

Aug 27 11 minutes read

Living in today’s digital age, everyone knows that “there’s an app for everything!” Well, it should come as no surprise that that includes your home as well. There are dozens of apps out there to assist you with your home’s organization, maintenance, cleaning, and more. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and start downloading!



This is the ultimate organization app for your home. Shortly, you are able to create a visual inventory of everything you own and organize them into different categories or locations. All you have to do is take photos of your items. Once inputted into the app, you can organize them in different folders such as “desk drawer” or “hall closet.” You can also tag items to easily search for them later. If you are planning a move, this app can help you keep track of everything in your various boxes as well.

 To buy:  Free. For iOS devices.


Constantly searching for that lost remote? Not anymore! Pixie will tell you right where your lost items are hiding. Attach Pixie’s Bluetooth-connected fobs on up to seven objects. The idea is that these should be the objects you misplace most, such as the remote control, car keys, wallets, or even your pet’s collar. The app will show you exactly where these objects are located, up to 150 feet away.

 To buy: Free app download. Fobs: $50 for two at For iOS devices.


Tired of hanging on to those old receipts and trying to keep track of expenses? This is the app for you. Shoeboxed lets you take a photo of your receipts and allows you to throw the physical copy away. The data from your receipt automatically get categorized for taxes and expense reports. And what’s even better - it’s IRS approved.

 To buy: Free. For iOS and Android.


This app is less about physical household organization, but more pertains to the schedules of the people living in the house. When everyone in the family downloads Cozi, they have shared access to appointments and schedules, all put together on a single calendar. This calendar and any notes relating to the schedules can be edited by any family member. It is a quick and easy way to keep track of what everyone has going on, and allows for easy family-time planning.

 To buy: Free. For iOS, Android, and Windows.

Chores and Housework


Do you ever feel like you need a personal assistant for your house? HomeZada may be your perfect solution! This digital home management system will help you keep track of everything in your home, from reminders to fix the leaky bathroom faucet to tracking your renovation budgets to managing a home maintenance schedule. We recommend purchasing the premium version to make the most of what this app has to offer.

 To buy: Free for the basic version, $59 annually for the premium version. For iOS and Android.


The “honey-do” list has just had a digital upgrade! Wunderlist lets you connect with your partner on various household projects. Share tasks set reminders and plan projects from any of your devices. It keeps you both on the same page, and helps to ensure the “honey-do” list turns into “honey-done.”

 To buy: Free. For iOS and Android.

Home Routines

If you have a hard time keeping a house-cleaning routine going, this is the app for you. Home Routines allows you to set a cleaning/to-do schedule each week. It sends you reminders of things that need to be done and lets you keep track of your progress. The app even breaks the home down into zones so it is even easier to tackle.

 To buy: $4.99. For iOS and Android.


Finally, a way to motivate the kids to do their chores! ChoreMonster makes chores more fun, by turning them into games! Parents can set different chores in the app along with different rewards, such as an extra hour of tv or a trip to the ice cream store. Kids can log into the app, track their tasks, earn points for completing chores, and view potential rewards.

 To buy: Free. For iOS, Android, and Windows.

Handy Work


New appliances are great, but those chunky users manuals? Not so much. Centriq is an app that is the virtual users manual of all your household appliances. All you need to do is take a photo of the product nameplate or label, and Centriq instantly compiles warranties and manuals for the appliance. It also sends you reminders about appliance upkeep, shares information about replacement parts, videos for fixing or cleaning the appliance, and will alert you about any product recalls.

 To buy: Free. For iOS and Android.

Bright Nest

Keeping along the lines of home maintenance comes Bright Nest. Developed by the same minds behind Angie’s List, Bright Nest gives you the nudge you need for keeping up with it all, along with providing some creative inspiration as well! The app features a variety of categories with customized tips, such as cleaning, eco-friendly, money-saving, creative, healthy, and more. Flag your favorites and create a schedule for performing the tasks now, later, or regularly.

 To buy: Free. For iOS and Android.


As much as DIY projects can be a thrill, sometimes they just get to be too much. Or maybe you just need help on specific finishing touches. Whatever the case (or project), look no further than the Thumbtack app. Thumbtack connects you to a network of professionals who submit bids for work. This network of professionals is available across all 50 states, making it an excellent resource for anyone tackling a new project. However, this isn’t just limited to home projects. There are contractors for personal improvement as well, including yoga instructors, music teachers, and event planners.

 To buy: Free. For iOS and Android.

The Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius

You may remember a time when the best resource for home improvement tips was the Readers Digest’s Family Handyman Magazine. Well, now you have every issue right in the palm of your hand. This app is curated from the magazine’s years of past issues and is full of tips, tricks, and ideas for homeowners. There is a wide range of content featuring everything from building and remodeling to lawn and garden. The free version of the app has a small taste of maintenance tips, but if you upgrade to the pro version, you will have more home improvement information than you’ll know what to do with!

 To buy: Free for the basic version, $5 for the Pro version. For iOS and Android.

Out with the Old


Swap your old things for new(-ish) without spending money! This app provides an eco-friendly way to get rid of your old belongings. Simply post a picture of something you no longer want, and then ship it to someone who does. You’ll get “Yerdle Reuse Dollars” to spend on something else on the app. Don’t worry, products on Yerdle aren’t old pieces of junk. They are gently used items from popular brands - even ones like Patagonia and Maclaren.

 To buy: Free. For iOS and Android.


Letgo is the new-age virtual garage sale. No more spending all day in the sun with your belongings spread across your yard. Now, all you have to do is take photos of the items you want to sell. People who live nearby can see these items and message through the app if they are interested. Because all messaging is done through the app, it is a safe way to coordinate the exchange of the items without giving out your phone number.

 To buy: Free. For iOS and Android.


Similar to Letgo, Decluttr allows you to quickly and easily sell DVDs, CDs, and video games, and other electronics. Decluttr features a barcode scanner, which helps give information on how much you can sell your items for. Shipping is free, and any earnings can help fund some space-friendly digital downloads.

 To buy: Free. For iOS and Android.

Smart Home


WeMo, created by Belkin, is a handy little device that turns anything you can plug into your wall into a smart device. The switch, the part that plugs into your wall, is connected to your phone through the WeMo app. With the two in sync, you can turn devices plugged into the switch off and on remotely. You can even set appliances and devices on a timer. Want fresh coffee as soon as you open your eyes in the morning? Connect your coffee machine to a WeMo switch and you can set it to begin brewing at the same time every day. You can automate functions of WeMo as much or as little as you like.

 To buy: Free app download. For iOS and Android. $80 for one switch and motion sensor.


SmartThings is not just an app, it is an entire system that will turn your home into a smart home. The SmartThings kit features a central hub with a variety of sensors. Simply connect the sensors to any of your devices, such as the garage door, front light, coffee machine, etc. Once connected, you can easily monitor the devices from your phone. But SmartThings takes it one step further. You can then pair these devices with any app. Not just the SmartThings app. SmartThings will even give you suggestions as to which other apps are most compatible with your devices! The devices themselves can talk to each other as well. For example, if the door is left open, the AC can automatically adjust to account for the would-have-been wasted energy, and you are notified on your app. The possibilities are endless. However this technology is very popular at the moment, so you’ll need to get on the waiting list.

 To buy: Free app download. For iOS and Android. $300 for the SmartThings kit (hub and sensors).

Control4 MyHome

Your home’s electronic systems are now all at the palm of your hand. The Control4 MyHome app offers a secure 3G/4G connection to your home’s lighting, energy, security, entertainment, and comfort systems. This is more than just being able to control light switches. With this app, you can monitor your entire home. For example, you can remotely monitor (and shut down) consoles if you see your child is playing video games instead of doing homework while you’re out of the house. The technology may be complex, but luckily the app is very user-friendly.

 To buy: Free app download. $100 annually for use. For iOS and Android.

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