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Remodeling for Resale

Shannon Jones

Shannon Jones has been selling real estate since 1998 and specializes in listing and marketing homes...

Shannon Jones has been selling real estate since 1998 and specializes in listing and marketing homes...

Feb 9 4 minutes read

It's natural to want to improve your living space. Pride of home ownership and the creative freedom that comes with it can be a source of motivation for remodels, renovations, and additions. But if you ever plan on selling, you may want to exercise caution so that you don't create a property so uniquely you it doesn't appeal to potential buyers.  

While you might absolutely adore your addition, that Tiki lounge or Tuscan style outdoor pizza oven might not translate to a fast sale in the long run.

Fear not— additions and remodels can help you increase your equity and the home's appeal if you plan ahead.

Let's take a look at value adding projects that will add to your enjoyment of the home in the short term, and appeal to buyers should you ever decide to sell.

Living Rooms

If you're considering a living space that is uniquely you- take pause and remember to create universal appeal. If  you have a fire place, make sure it's not only inviting, but conforms with your community's safety and sustainability standards. Wood burning set ups are on the out— look into a gas powered centerpiece that fits your home's aesthetic.  If you'd like to open up the floor plan, connecting the living room to the dining room or kitchen to make a "great room," you're in luck. Many buyers appreciate an "open concept" floor plan.  


Function is the key with any kitchen. You may love your Venetian style back splash or granite with richly colored swirls, but a potential buyer may view either as a turnoff. Crisp, clean kitchens with neutral cabinets, counters, and stainless steel appliances are universally appealing and allow potential buyers to imagine themselves making their next dinner party a success. Gas ranges or cooktops are always a plus with foodies. When designing a kitchen, consider adding pullout drawers for appliances, extra pantry storage, and under cabinet lighting. Not only will they make the kitchen more functional, but they'll appeal to buyers when you are ready to sell. 

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor entertaining, relaxing, and leisure time are always high selling points for a Southern California House. Adding a patio or deck for lounging and entertaining will add enjoyment for you and resale appeal should you decide to make a move. When it comes time to planting, consider options that will be beautiful but low maintenance. You may love pruning, dividing, and cultivating your favorite plants, but not everyone wants to spend weekends doing yard work. Consider adding boldly structured but low water highlights like citrus, olives, and plumeria. Meyer Lemons, "Little Ollie" Olives, and plumeria "Celadine" all make great additions to the Southern California garden.


When remodeling bathrooms, remember that for resale, it's a good idea to have at least one bathtub in the house. As long as you've got that, it's OK to ditch the tub in one bathroom in favor of a really great shower. As with the kitchen, choosing classic, neutral materials is always a good choice from a resale standpoint. Clean lines, white subway tile, and classic fixtures never go out of style. 

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